Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Johnny Gates isn't a rookie. Originally from Providence, RI, he started his first band in high school and immediately fell in love with music.  Spending the first few years climbing up the ladder in the Providence scene, Johnny and his band eventually moved to Nashville, TN to chase the dream.

While in Nashville, he had a chance to work with some of music's biggest names and focus more attention on songwriting.

After getting close enough to taste his dream in Nashville, Johnny decided to pack up his gear and set sail to Los Angeles with his band, RUNAWAY SAINTS.

Since relocating to LA, Johnny has toured the US multiple times with RUNAWAY SAINTS, has become a fixture at Hollywood's prestigious Hotel Cafe, and also hit the road opening for Rod Stewart.

Now turning his attention to his first ever solo project, Johnny is back in the studio writing and recording with plans to launch the project in 2017. Be on the look out for that, and more RUNAWAY SAINTS music and tour dates.







News & Updates


Johnny is happy to announce that he has AUDITIONED

FOR SEASON 12 OF THE VOICE. Tune in starting FEB 27th

on NBC to see if he was able to turn any chairs around.


After many crazy years running around the country

with Runaway Saints, Johnny has decided to launch

his first ever solo project in 2017. Already at work,

be on the lookout for some new material and an announcement

early 2017.





brooklyn nights

by Johnny Gates